Meet the Farmers

PhilPhilip Basinger

Phil is a multi-generational farmer on a century farm in Linville Edom, VA that has been in the Wenger family for over 100 years. This farm is where all Basinger Beef are now raised. Phil has firmly upheld standards of farming quality and ethics, and is personally involved in all aspects of farm operation. Most importantly, Phil eats what he raises!

Jeanne Basinger

Jeanne is a very busy stay at home mom, keeping up with our three children. She also has a business providing nutritional products as an independent ReLiv Distributor. Jeanne didn’t eat much beef until we got married and now the slow roast recipe is her all-time favorite. Naomi, Michael and Caleb enjoy helping with the cattle and free-range chickens, and the cats that seem to appear out of nowhere. The kids’ favorite beef is ribs done in a crock-pot during the day and enjoyed at supper.