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Basinger Beef: A Cut Above the Rest 

canstockphoto16255384Basinger Beef has been a family owned operation since 1992, raising grass-fed beef on a Century Farm that has been in the Wenger family for over one hundred years!

Basinger Beef provides delicious, high quality, nutritious, grass-fed beef to local families at reasonable prices, and we never use any growth hormones or synthetic stimulants in our beeves. We have always upheld our dedication to raising beef that’s nutritious, natural, and, most importantly, yummy! That’s why many local families have placed their trust in our beef for more than 20 years, and will continue to do so for years to come!

Taste for yourself – next time you’re at the the Broadway Farmer’s Market, look for our USDA-Inspected by-the-cut beef, or try a quarter, half or whole beef this summer by making your request on our Beef Order Form. You can order one for yourself or split with a friend or family member.Basinger beef 017sm